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Camlocks (also known as cabinet locks and enclosure locks) are designed to mount on the front doors of cabinets, lockers and enclosures to provide a mechanical locking mechanism. Camlocks consist of a cylinder body and a flat rotating arm that is turned using a key to create a connection between a door frame and leaf to lock it. Camlocks allow the cabinets to be held securely together without affecting the outward appearance. Camlocks are specially designed to be smaller and more compact than standard door locks.What are the different types of locks?CamlocksAvailable in a range of different types to suit many applications:Flat key disc tumbler cam lockKeyless CamlockCombination CamlockElectronic CamlockPadlock CamlockHigh-security CamlockCabinet locksAvailable with various types of locking mechanism to suit a wide range of applications and security types, lock types include:Key lockSquare pin lockTriangle pinWingnut lockBit socketCross socket profileWhat are cam locks used on?Cam locks are ideal for use on equipment such as electrical enclosures, cash registers, lockers, safes, filing cabinets and display cabinets.RS Components offer a range of high-quality Camlocks made from metals including steel, stainless- steel and aluminium. Our products are also supplied from leading brands including Steinbach & Vollman, Lowe & Fletcher, Pinet, Rittal, Rose and of course our own trusted brand RS PRO.