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Coiled Cable

Coiled cables perform the function of regular cables, but are differentiated by their spring-like shape. This shape allows it to extend and retract as needed, taking up less space when not in use. Coiled cables are also less prone to tangling and knotting than straight shaped cable.The RS Range of coiled cables have extendable lengths ranging from 0.8m to 5m.What Are They Used For?Coiled cables are designed to extend to a length that is far beyond their at-rest length, and due to this advantage they are often used when high mobility is a concern, such as in old style wall mounted telephones. However, coil cables still have modern uses, such as in headphones, and can be used whenever a user wishes to avoid the inconvenience of wrapping up a long cable after use.MaterialThe RS Range of coiled cables are sheathed in the following materials:• PUR: Polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance, and so is useful in preventing wear as the coiled cable rubs against itself upon retraction.• PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride has excellent insulation properties and is used wherever cables need protection from high or low temperature.