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Current & Voltage Calibrators

A current and voltage calibrator is a device that calibrates process devices and measures process signals. These devices are hand-held, which means they are portable and offer added flexibility when working in the field, and they offer high performance with a simple, user-friendly operation.Their main purpose is to test and calibrate and a wide range of process control equipment, but most of these calibrators are on the market are multi-functional which can often work in a variety of ways to give you more flexibility across the applications you need it for.When is a current and voltage calibrator used?A calibrator like this can be used as a general-purpose current and voltage source and is ideal using as a simulation of current and voltage loops in most engineering applications. Each unit will have a different output to another, with each calibrator being able to work to a different set of specifications.What types of applications are Current and Voltage Calibrators used in?Research and developmentServicingCalibration laboratoriesLaboratory and field testingMaintenance and electrical