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Data Storage & Memory

We have a great range of data storage and memory products. Included in our range are USB flash drives, card readers, memory sticks, hard drives and SmartMedia cards, so you can make the most of your PC’s capabilities. Types of digital storage devices Storage devices are available, in various high-performance types. Such asrandom access memory (RAM), Static Ram (SRAM) or Dynamic RAM (DRAM), these types of memory are possible to read from and can be written to randomly. The main differences between Dynamic and Static ram are the need for a periodic refresh of dynamic memory, which can also make the static memory a preferable choice for some applications. The main types of storage devices that we are offering include: Compact Flash Cards Data Tapes Desktop Hard Drives External Hard Drives Floppy Disk Drives Internal Hard Drives Memory Card Readers Nas Drives, SD Cards SmartMedia Cards Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) USB Sticks

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