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Environmental Test & Measurement

At RS Components, we offer a wide range of sound and vibration measurement equipment from market-leading suppliers. Whether you’re looking for calibrators, sound level meters, stethoscopes or vibration meters, you’ll find everything you need in one place; brands include Castle, Casella Cel, Testo and our own brand, RS PRO.Measuring soundThe unit of measurement used for sound is in decibels (dB). It’s important that we’re able to measure the noise level, or loudness, of sound due to health and safety reasons; if it’s too high, it can cause serious injuries to a person’s hearing.Different types of sound level meters complying with different legislation categories are available to monitor and measure the noise in a working environment.Vibration measurementVibration is measured using three different parameters: frequency, displacement and velocity.In industry, vibration meters are used to measure the level of vibration emitted from machinery, as well as in production environments. Today’s vibration meters are extremely accurate and can be programmed to emit an alarm when vibrations go over a pre-set level.It’s essential to measure vibration in machinery as a way of preventing downtime caused by faults, which can have an adverse effect on production times.Calibration of sound and vibration measurement equipmentIt’s vital that this type of equipment is accurate and is giving the correct readings, so calibration is an essential part of its maintenance programme. Use an ACAS-accredited service to ensure your equipment is calibrated to the highest industry standards, like the RS Components’ Calibration Lab.

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