Control Relays

Monitoring relays are a type of relay that trips a circuit breaker when a fault is detected. A relay is an electrically controlled switch that is used to turn the power on or off in a circuit.Monitoring relays are more sophisticated than regular relays, as they have adjustable operating conditions, whereas normal relays switch according to a fixed threshold. They measure a given parameter, such as voltage or temperature, and will trip a circuit breaker when the parameter gets too high or low.What are monitoring relays used for?Monitoring relays have a wide range of uses, depending largely on the factor being monitored. For example, they can protect against overcurrent if measuring current, or they can detect an abnormally low frequency if frequency is being measured.Types of monitoring relayThe main way in which monitoring relays differ is the function that they measure. This can be a number of things, including: voltage, current, temperature and frequency.The factor that you need to measure will decide which monitoring relay you choose.