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DIN Rail Power Supplies

DIN Rail power supplies are available in many different forms and used to transform power into a format that can be stored. An example is solar power to electrical energy. A power supply is a device that takes an incoming electrical current converts it to the correct voltage, current and frequency required by various devices. Power supplies are also known as electric power converters. A power supply can be fitted to a device that the power supply works with or it can be a standalone piece of equipment. Power supplies have a power input connection receiving the electrical current form a source and the power connection then delivers the current where required.
What is DIN Rail Mounting?
A DIN Rail is normally a standard type of rail that is used to mount circuit breakers and industrial control equipment into equipment racks. DIN Rails are a support for equipment and are not a Busbar conducting an electrical current but, can provide a chassis grounding connection.
Types of DIN Rail Power Supplies available: •Analogue •Battery Chargers & Controllers •Extended battery module •Industrial control equipment •Linear •Miniature •Redundancy Module •Switch mode •UPS
There is a DIN Rail power supply available for every application AC and DC input and output including a range of sizes.
DIN Rail power supply specifications.
There are many applications for power supplies with differing voltage input and outputs, V ac, V dc, power ratings, electrical phase, and number of outputs. Different ranges and series have their own unique features, designs and standards.