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Abrasive Cloth Rolls

What is it?
Abrasive sandpaper rolls for use on wood, metals, composites, paint and wood turning applications. It is abrasive grit on flexible backing sheets used to smooth many types of material. The backing sheets may be covered with different materials such as glass, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, garnet or other specialist grit. Each type of grit has different characteristics which make each most suitable for specific applications, an understanding of the types of grit is essential so that the right type is chosen for a particular job. Cloth is used where a high degree of flexibility is required.
Glass paper – Generally composed of quartz granules on a paper backing, this is an Inexpensive, relatively soft abrasive for sanding painted or natural timber, metal, and other materials.
Aluminium Oxide – This man-made material is suitable for shaping, sanding and polishing hard metal such as iron and steel, but also effective on timber.
Silicon Carbide – Suitable for both dry and wet sanding. It is suitable for sanding hardwood and plywood, soft metal like brass and aluminium, and plastic; also used for smoothing glass edges and frosting glass surfaces.