Pneumatic Tube-to-Tube Adaptors

Pneumatic Y tube-to-tube adaptors are Y-shaped push-in connectors that are designed to connect three tubes together in pneumatic systems (which use compressed air, water or gas).Features and benefits of pneumatic Y tube-to-tube adaptors Advantages and features of neumatic Y tube-to-tube adaptors may include: Solid construction that means a secure connection Lw-profile design to ensure full flow through the connection One-touch push-to-connect configuration that allows for easy connection and no need for the use of tools. Compact designs that are useful in confined spaces. Usually made from made from durable metal or plastic to ensure anti-contamination properties and long lifespan. Pneumatic Y tube-to-tube adaptor types and applications Pneumatic Y tube-to-tube adaptors are commonly used with pneumatic hoses. You can choose from a range of sizes to connect various diameters, and different styles to suit a variety of working pressure and temperature range. Pneumatic Y tube-to-tube adaptors are available in push-in and screw-collar designs, which are secure and suitable for instrumentation, vacuum and general purpose applications.