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Drills are used to make holes in materials and loosening and tightening screws and bolts. The main consideration when selecting a drill is the material you will drill as harder materials will require higher power and additional features such as hammer action.
What type of drills are available?
Drill Drivers – Drill drivers combine two functionalities, drilling of holes and the driving screws into the hole. Most quality drills are equipped with user-defined speeds and torque settings to adapt to any job in hand. Drill drivers offer a lower torque setting, offering a smooth screwing process. •Combi Drills – A Combi drill is a multi-purpose tool, with most having a keyless chuck to hold any drill bits. It can be used at high speed for drilling applications into a variety of materials such as masonry, woods, metals and plastics with the added functionality of hammer action. With the correct screw driving bit, you can drive screws in easily. •Impact Drill/Drivers – Offering similar characteristics to a drill driver however, it provides more torque and power for driving in screws and hex bolts. Impact drill/drivers typically only offer one gear, but great torque making it great if you need to drill through tough, knotty wood or metals. •Hammer Drills – Hammer drills increase the of force to the bit when being drilled. Similar principle to a jackhammer, driving the drill bit into the material. This action provides a greater force to harder materials such as stone and masonry. •SDS Drills – These are a more powerful version of a hammer drill and use a slotted drive system to increase the force for drilling and chiselling. Designed mainly to be used on hard materials such as concrete, stone and masonry and other heavy-duty applications. •Angle Drills – Angled drills have the functionality of a combi drill, but with a 90 degree bent head. Seen to compliment the combi, but for those hard to reach areas. The angled head allows for a smaller drill bit, making it easier to drive screws or drill materials in a confined space. •Magnetic Drills – Mag Drills are essentially a portable bench drill for drilling metals. The base of the drill uses magnets to lock itself to the material so prevent it moving while drilling. Magnetic drills are most often used with annular cutters for an accurate cut.