Beacon Towers

Signal towers, also known as tower lights or LED light towers, are used in a wide range of industrial automation applications and environments. Towers are important as they provide people with a clear visual indication of workflows on machines and other automated processes. Proper signalling can reduce response times and wait times in manufacturing applications and improve safety and security in any work environment.Signal towers are designed to replace standard stack lights and are available pre-assembled or in a modular design. Modular signal towers make it easy to create a bespoke signal element that can be compact for mounting in enclosures or on machinery.RS Components offer an extensive range of high-quality signal towers and components from industry-leading brands including Werma, Patlite, Schneider Electric, AUER Signal, and of course RS PRO.Where are LED Light Towers used?Signal towers are typically used within an industrial area, indicating to those visible of the beacon what the operation of a machine is. For example, the start and stop of the machine, indicating to staff that there is a fault or simply used in automation control systems. This can be through blinking LEDs, flashing lights, an audible buzzer, or an alarm.Features and Benefits of LED Light TowersEasy installation and maintenanceExcellent resistance to vibrations and shockManufactured and tested to the highest standardsFlashing and continuous light effectsWide range of LED and Lens colours to suit every applicationChoice of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 elementsSuitable for indoor and outdoor use with ingress protection ratings including IP20, IP40, IP 54, IP65, IP66 and IP67