PTFE Tapes

PTFE Tape is thin-film tape used by heating engineers and plumbers for sealing pipe threads. The tape can be wrapped around pipe threads and joints to form a tight seal, which helps to stop any leaks. PTFE Tape can also be called Plumber’s Tape, Thread Seal Tape or PTFE Film Tape. This type of tape comes in rolls of various sizes (mm) and colours such as white, brown, black, grey and translucent and is used in a number of pipework and plumbing applications.What is PTFE and what does it stand for?PTFE is short for Polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is a tough flexible material which has a wide temperature range, excellent chemical resistance and is long-lasting.How to apply PTFE TapeThe proper way to apply the tape is by wrapping it around the fitting or joint in the direction of the thread. An easy way to remember is it’s exactly how you would tighten up a nut, clockwise. The industry recommendation is to wrap it around the thread three to four times. Thick enough to ensure there will be no leaks but not too thick so that you can’t get the nut on!Advantages of PTFE TapePTFE thread seal tape is usually sold on convenient plastic spools pre-cut to specific widths thicknesses and lengths (mm). This makes the application quick and easy with no mess or waste. PTFE tape is used in heating, plumbing and jointing applications. PTFE Tape is:Chemical resistantMalleable and non-hardeningWithstands high pressuresHigh tensile strengthLow friction Lubricating