Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers are speakers that are fitted into the ceiling space enabling you to maximise floor space and hide untidy wiring. Ceiling speakers are wired into any type of sound system including computers and their purpose is to produce sound / audio that is listened to.Ceiling speakers are flush mounted into ceiling making them discreet and still providing excellent sound / audio quality. Speakers can also be wall mounted with all the benefits of ceiling speakers. Speakers are easy to install and can be linked together within multi-room environments plus they are suitable for home, commercial and industrial use.How do Ceiling Speakers work?Speakers are a transducer converting electromagnetic waves into sound waves. All speakers receive audio input from audio receivers and computers in analogue and digital form. Sound quality and volumes are all adjustable from the main audio output.Why install ceiling speakers?There are a wealth of benefits to installing ceiling or wall speakers and one of the main benefits is space saving, especially in the home. Ceiling speakers can be fitted into any environment plus they can be mounted indoors and outdoors. Some models are suitable for damp environments like bathrooms, saunas and under outdoor ceiling eaves. Applications for ceiling and in wall speakers.Speakers not only play background music but can also be used as a public announcement system so are versatile in their use.•Schools•Stations•Airports•Shops•Indoor shopping complex•Lifts•Home•Hotels•Industrial and factory areasCeiling speakers can be fitted and placed anywhere you choose.Ceiling speaker surrounds and covers are normally black or white but can be painted to fit any environment plus they are available in different sizes. You always measure the hole where the ceiling speaker is to be mounted. Ensure the area where the speaker is fitted is, deep and wide enough for a flush, comfortable vibration free fit. Consider the size of the area where the speakers will be used ensuring you have enough speakers to maximise the sound quality.