Lavalier Wired Microphones

Lavalier wired microphones are small microphones that are typically mounted to the speaker’s clothing. They are hands-free, allowing the individual to move uninhibited while speaking.Lavalier microphones can be plugged directly into a recording device, or they can be connected to a transmitter that wirelessly sends the audio signal to a separate device for recording or amplification.What are lavalier wired microphones used for?Lavalier microphones are commonly used for television, theatre, film and public speaking. These microphones can be mounted to a person’s collar, tie or neckline, and the wire can be hidden behind their clothing. This enables the speaker to move without the hindrances caused by a handheld microphone.Types of lavalier wired microphonesLike other microphones, lavalier microphones can be distinguished by their polar patterns, or directionality. Omnidirectional (or nondirectional) lavalier microphones are sensitive to sounds from all directions. However, they are less sensitive to sounds from the rear, due to the microphone’s body. Unidirectional lavalier microphones are primarily sensitive to sounds coming from a single direction. When mounting a unidirectional lavalier microphone, you should consider the microphone’s direction in relation to the sound source.