HDMI Cables

HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cables are designed to transmit high definition audio and video signals. These signals are then transferred between HDMI compatible devices such as computer monitors, video projectors, televisions or digital audio devices. There are HDMI splitters available to connect multiple compatible devices. An HDMI cable contains four shielded twisted pairs, with 19 pins that provide the clearest picture and sound available. Learn more in our HDMI cables guide.HDMI Cables are generally light and transportable and come in a variety of types:Standard HDMI CablesStandard HDMI cables are one of the most common cables. It’s designed to handle most of the application purposes for both at home and in the office. The cable is able to transmit 720p or 1080i high definition video resolutions.Standard HDMI Cables with Ethernet These HDMI Cables offer the same functionality as the standard HDMI cable, however, the additional data channel known as the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC). The HDMI cable is designed for networking purposes, through carrying HD video and audio between devices via the ethernet connection.High-Speed HDMI CableThis HDMI cable is designed to support a high quality of 1080P and above, this includes supporting 4K Ultra HD resolutions and 3D movies. The high-speed cable supports these advances in display and audio as well as deeper colour functionality. Its recommended for use in advanced technologies such as Blu-ray disc players. HDMI cables come in a variety of configurations from VGA to HDMI cable, DVI to HDMI cable, Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, USB to HDMI CableHigh-Speed HDMI Cable with EthernetLike the standard HDMI cable, the high-speed cable comes with the HDMI Ethernet Channel that’s used for networking purposes. When devices are connected using this cable it has a capacity of 100 Mb/sec to send and receive data. These cables make it possible to share an internet connection through the HDMI link without the need to have a separate ethernet cable. Higher Grade CableGold plated HDMI cables boast improved shielding and even more durable than regular HDMI cables. Gold resists oxidation and corrosion allowing the connector of the cable to perform at a high level indefinitely.