Pneumatic Tee Threaded Adaptors

Pneumatic tee threaded adaptors are T-shaped connectors that are used to connect three pipes, tubes or hoses together. They’re used in engineering for gas or pressurised air and can be used to connect pipes of different diameters or to change the direction of piping.Features and benefits of pneumatic tee threaded adaptors Pneumatic tee threaded adaptors are usually made from durable, corrosion-resistant metal such as nickel-plated brass. They can enhance the aesthetic appearance of installations and complement existing push-in fitting ranges.The three connector points can be either male or female, which means there are pneumatic tee threaded adaptors suitable for a wide range of situations.Types of pneumatic tee threaded adaptors Look out for designs that have hose nipples for easy fixture and removal. You can also choose pneumatic tee threaded adaptors based on your type of tubing – for example, some designs are suitable for nylon, soft nylon and polyurethane tubing. Note that the operating pressure and temperature are generally limited by the type and size of tubing used.