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Hydraulic Hose

In simple terms, hydraulics is a mechanical function that works on the principle of forcing liquid through pressure. Hydraulics and hydraulic systems are used all over the world in all areas of industry.Hydraulic hose is a flexible re-enforced industrial hose specifically designed to carry hydraulic fluid to machines, valves, actuators and tools. Hose can be used with couplers and connectors to connect directly to a system or hydraulic hose can also be used to make up bespoke hose assemblies.Hydraulic systems usually operate at high or very high pressure ranges, therefor hydraulic hose must be re-enforced for safety purposes.Hydraulic Hose constructionInner tube – Must have some degree of flexibility, also needs to be compatible with the fluid that it’s going to distribute.Reinforcement layer – consists of one or more coverings of braided wire, spiral wound wire or robust yarnsOuter layer – Must be resistant to weather, abrasions and other oils, liquids and fluids.Key features and points to considerSize – Hydraulic hose is usually specified by the inside and outside diameters to ensure end fittings, couplings and hose support clamps fit safely and securely. Length, how long does the hose have to be?• Temperature – What is the temp of the fluid being distributed through the hose, also the ambient temperature?• Application – Where is the hose being used and what is the environment like? Is the hose exposed to any UV, oils or other chemicals?• Fluid – What type of media is being conveyed? Is the hose material compatible?• Pressure – What is the pressure of the system the hydraulic hose is being used for?• Minimum bend radius – Important as this is the limit to which a hydraulic hose can be bent without causing any damage• Ends and couplings – What hose fittings, couplers and connectors are being specified.