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Lane Marking Tapes

Lane marking or floor marking tapes are used for implementing coloured stripes, reflective qualities or glow in the dark properties. Usually made from PVC or Vinyl, which makes them robust and durable to be visible in low light situations. In some cases floor markings are required by law, as they can clearly indicate hazards, easy to navigate around large areas, locating equipment and exits.Lane marking tapes can handle heavy foot traffic due to their adhesive and anti-abrasion features. These tapes are particularly durable and can last for many years. These marking tapes can be applied by hand or floor marking tape applicator for larger floor areas to ensure straight lines.What are lane marking tapes used for?Lane marking tapes are great for safety and to demarcate floor areas in manufacturing facilities or plant workshops. They can also assist in creating aisle areas or provide directions in retail or food production facilities. Lane marking tape is a key manufacturing implementation tool to assist factory workers and provide safety features in plants through floor signs.Types of lane marking tapes?There is a wide variety of floor adhesive marking tapes with different features. A range of thicknesses, lengths and colours exist, and some tapes are equipped with glow in the dark or fluorescent features. Some tapes are UV resistant, and most tapes are waterproof. They can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.What do different coloured tapes mean?These floor marking tapes come in a variety of colours, with each colour can determine the hazard or lane within the workplace. White – Equipment, machinery or tools Red – Defects, scrap, and red tag areas Orange – Materials or products placed for inspection Yellow – Alleyways, high traffic lanes or working areas Blue/Green/Black – Used for materials and components Luminescent – Steps and ramps to identify obstacles in an emergency situation Black & Yellow Stripe – Highlight areas that could cause physical or health hazards Black & White Stripe – Highlight areas for operational purposes Red & White Stripe – Highlight areas for safety or compliant reasons