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We offer an advanced range of pneumatic air compressors, boosters and vacuum pumps for use in multiple types of pressure-driven machinery and systems. Our range also includes various sorts of replacement parts and accessories, such as air reservoirs, combination pressure boosters/regulators, and vacuum ejectors.Our stock of pneumatic compressors, pumps, spare parts, replacement kits and add-ons is sourced from renowned manufacturers including SMC, Festo, Norgren and Crouzet, offering market-leading performance and durability across a range of different pneumatic systems and equipment types.What kinds of vacuum pumps and air reservoirs are available, and what do they do?Air reservoirs are used in pneumatic systems to ensure a constant and consistent flow of air through the machinery and to mitigate any unwanted fluctuations in pressure.They work by storing air collected via a flow valve and performing a controlled release back into the system as and when requiredThis can help compensate for overall pressure fluctuation within a system, as well as performing as an accumulator if the pressure suddenly drops, or for creating first-order delays in controlled systemsCombination pressure booster/regulator units can be used to protect downstream equipment from pressure fluctuations or increase the power of an existing actuatorVacuum pumps, sometimes called suction pumps (especially when used with water or other fluids), are commonly found in applications such as:Semiconductor processingAir conditioningFlight instrumentsComposite mouldingPrint pressesMedical applicationsVacuum pumps remove molecules of air, gas or liquid from a sealed volume to leave behind a partial vacuum. They’re sold in various different configurations, depending on the exact use intended – the most common types being:Momentum transfer pumpsEntrapment pumpsPositive displacement pumpsDiaphragm pumpsWe also stock a selection of spare parts and replacement kits for pneumatic boosters and regulators, and various vacuum ejector accessory types such as switches, valves, detectors and silencers.

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