Hook & Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are used for bundling cables and wiresspecifically fibre optic cables(thin flexible fibres with a glass core). They can be used for a variety of applications and settings, wherever there are cables, including in homes, workshops and offices.Features and benefits of hook and loop fastenersHook and loop fasteners are usually made from fabric with a loop and velcro fastening. This is ideal for bundling fibre optic cables because it holds them securely without damaging them; the fasteners are designed to not over bend, crush or kink the fibre optic cables. Hook and loop fasteners come in a variety of colours so you can identify different cables easily. They are reusable and are suitable for large cable bundles. Why use a hook and loop fastener?Bundling cables with a hook and loop fastener can not only keep them organised but helps with safety because you’re less likely to trip over a cable if it’s neatly tied away.