SPLD stands for Simple Programmable Logic Device. They are a compact Semiconductor IC that fall within the family of PLD (Programmable Logic Devices). These devices are typically used in applications when only a small number of I/Os are needed. SPLDs are the most straightforward, cost-effective type of programmable logic device on the market today. RS Components offer a range of high-quality parts from leading brands including Microchip Technology.SLPD Device StructureSPLD ICs are simple in design, they are constructed from connected macrocells containing AND and OR gates and flip-flops.What is an SPLD?An SPLD device can be classified into two main types of programmable logic device, they areFixed Logic Devices – The integrated circuit in the device is permanent and can perform one function, or a set of functions. These functions are pre-set at the point of manufacture and can not be changed.Programmable Logic Devices – These devices can be programmed by an electronics engineer as many times as it is required. The design inside the IC is flexible so a change in the logic doesn’t require any time-consuming rewiring of PCBsProgrammable Logic ApplicationsSPLDs are used in a wide range of electrical and electronic prototype, design and testing applications. The versatile chips are commonly for functions includingData CommunicationSignal communicationControllersData display