Grounding contacts are surface mountable internal connectors used for circuit grounding (a return path for electric current) of SMT (surface mount technology) devices.How do grounding contacts work? Grounding contacts work by providing an electrical connection while also providing protection from static and EMI (electromagnetic interference) noise between a PCB (printed circuit board) and other electronic components, such as speakers, internal antennas, shield cams or secondary PCBs.Grounding contacts come in a broad array of styles, sizes and heights, to ensure efficient EMI protection and contact. When mounted in a row, they can be used as an RFI (radio-frequency interference) shielding connection for cabinet enclosures and metal boxes. They are designed to maintain positive contact with the mating surface and allow for both sliding and wiping action.Applications of grounding contacts Grounding contacts are used in virtually every small PCB application. Some of the typical applications include: MP3 players Smartphones GPS units Tablets PCs and laptops Automotive Industrial equipment eReaders Home electronic devices Video and digital cameras