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Crimp Tools

A crimping tool is a tool that used to join or connect 2 pieces of material together by compression. The tool compresses the 2 materials together by squeezing one or both of the materials to form a bond or seal. Different crimp tools can be used for both cutting, stripping, bending and compressing. An example of this is a connector that you attach to the end of a cable. The crimp tool allows you to seal the connector to the end of the cable by compressing the connector against the cable. What you are left with is called a crimp. Crimping tools allow you to connect components together, quickly and are easy to use and cost effective. There are various types of crimp tools, hand operated crimp tools, electric crimp tools hydraulic crimp tools, pliers and ratchets.
Main types of crimp tools are:
Handheld or manually operated crimp tools. Easy and simple to use and are normally used to crimp smaller items together. An effective and economical tool to use and can be carried in a tool box and use when required.
Electrical Crimp Tools. Normally are battery operated. Work in exactly the same way as standard handheld crimp tools with the pressure required to seal and crimp materials together supplied via the battery power. Therefore little effort required by you to operate efficiently.
Handheld Hydraulic Crimp Tools. This type of crimp toll requires very little effort when being used as all of the pressure is applied via a pump forcing hydraulic fluid into the crimp tool and compressing a die.
Manual Benchtop Crimp Tools. Crimp tools that are mounted onto a workbench. They are still operated manually but require less force than a standard manual crimping tool.
Electrical Benchtop Crimp Tools. Crimp tools that are mounted onto a workbench. An electrical motor operates the crimp tool producing high quality crimps. Excellent when high production rates are required.
Pneumatic Crimp Tools. They can be mounted to a workbench or handheld. Pressurised hydraulic liquid is required to crimp material that is difficult to crimp manually.