Thyristor Power Controllers

Thyristor Power Controllers, also known as Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) control the load or power that is supplied by a load. They are operated with an alternating Voltage in either a single-phase or three-phase.The electronic component has a positive terminal (anode) a gate and a negative terminal (cathode). The gate is the control terminal, the main current flows between the positive and negative terminals.The power controller can be DIN rail or panel mounted. Choosing which one will depend on the application. The high-speed Thyristors are suitable for use in ovens, dryers, industrial furnaces, AC power switching, inductive loads such as transformers, resistive load and heating, and ventilation applications. They can also be used in lower power circuits light dimmers.Depending on the switch loads you may need a heatsink.Features of the different types of Thyristor power controllers Zero crossing outputs RFI suppression Compensates for mains voltage fluctuations Energy efficient Small footprint