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RS Components offers a full range of Fall Protection equipment specifically designed for working at height, where PPE safety is vital in preventing fall hazards and fall protection is necessary. We stock products from some leading brands in fall protection equipment such as 3M, JSP, Facom, Delta Plus, Proteca, Sibille and Petzl just to name a few. These brands offer you the solutions to keep safe when working at height.Fall protection involves using a fall arrest system that will stop or limit a fall when walking or working on a surface at height. A fall protection system will include equipment provided by various pieces such a fall arrest harness, lanyards, lifelines, fall arresters, safety rope, either individually or together in a fall arrest kit or fall recovery kit also known as a rescue kit. Having reliable fall protection equipment that also offers comfort and provides longevity is vitally important. Where would use Fall Protection Equipment?Fall protection equipment is used in a variety of industries that require a comprehensive protective solution and when safety is a priority. Some industries where fall protection is needed are:Construction industryRoofingScaffoldingHigh bay warehousesTree SurgeryWhat Fall Protection Equipment is available?Deciding what you need to protect yourself is important, which is why we provide a varied selection of equipment to assist your protection, from the small pieces of kit to the larger full-body harnesses.Check out our complete range of Fall Protection and Fall Arrest equipment.Fall arrest and fall recovery kits, rescue kits and equipment.Tool lanyards, fall arrest lanyards, safety rope, safety rope lanyard, fall restraint lanyard.Fall Arrest Safety harnesses, full-body harnesses, vest harness.Rope grabs, lifelines.Fall arrest blocks, safety carabiners/karabiners.Safety equipment bags.Forklift cages and confined space equipment.

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