Heavy Duty Power Connector Accessories

Heavy duty power connectors accessories are components that go hand-in-hand with heavy duty power connectors to ensure your experience is seamless and to provide you enhanced functionality. Types of Heavy duty power connector accessories:A large range of accessories for heavy duty power connectors are available, including:Mounting frames – Allow you to effortlessly mount your device with added security.Housings – Simply add more protection to your device or enhance the looks. Caps/Hoods – To provide you with a lower ingress of dust and other contaminants. Inserts – Upgradeable inserts to allow for a more premium connection. Cable glands – More protection for your cables for futureproofing. How to choose the correct accessory? Heavy duty power connector accessories can be chosen depending on the application you need it for. A great example would be if you do not have a mounting device for a connector, you can find a housing that would support mounting to surfaces. Another example is if your power connector needed cable glands to protect your cables.