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Weighing Scales

Weighing scales are used to measure the weight or mass of an item. Scales can measure things in Kilograms (kg), Pounds (lb), Ounces (oz) and Stones. Scales used for weighing come in many forms and are available in different sizes, shapes, weight capabilities to suit different applications. Scales should be precise and durable and ultimately give you the confidence that they will stay accurate day-in, day-out. For domestic use, digital scales are found in most people’s kitchens for precision weighing of food items and cooking ingredients like sugar and flour. Glass scales are also found in the bathroom so people can weigh themselves to be able to maintain their healthy lifestyle.
Legal for Trade Scale
Where products are sold by weight, these scales must be Trade Approved to the relevant local standards. By default scales sold by RS are not Trade approved? If a scale is Trade Approved this will be stated at line level along with the relevant local Approval.
How do Weighing scales work?
Inside a mechanical scale is a spring, and spring is used to measure force. When the spring length is changed within the scales it moves a dial which is the weight acting on the spring, so your scale is actually measuring force. Digital scales work by converting mechanical energy into an electrical display by using a sensor that is known as a load cell.
Range of weighing scales
Bench Scales – very popular scales used in packing departments and post office counters, ideal for weighing small objects and also used for counting. Bench scales sit comfortably on any worktop, counter or desk.
Hanging Scales – designed to weigh from a fixed position or by hand, it normally has a hook at the base which you attach the item to. Used at home for weighing luggage to ensure it is within the airlines limit. Commercially used for weighing animal feeds, fruit and vegetables and also mailbags.
Platform Scales – for heavy-duty weighing in manufacturing, food processing, and warehouses. Platform scales are used to count large amounts or bulky items, they are also used by vets and farmers to weigh large animals.
Counting Scales – count items placed on them, saving time and effort, they are very efficient. Used in packing departments, stores, engineering and also in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.