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Durometers are hand-held measuring devices used to measure the hardness of a product. Using the Shore measuring scale you can measure material such as; flexible elastomers, hard rubbers, and rigid plastics. Sometimes there can be confusion when the shore scale overlaps, so for best practice always use the Shore scale set out by industry standards and use the correct durometer gauge. Types of DurometersAnalog DurometerDigital DurometerHow does a Durometer work? Durometer uses an indenter and a spring which is calibrated, it measures the depth penetration of the indenter when it’s under load which gives you the Shore hardness measurement. In order to achieve accurate readings, it’s essential to use the correct durometer.Features and BenefitsDurometers scale range from 0-100HAAnalog or digital readingsChoice of Shore Hardness ScalesEasy to operateApplicationsDurometers are commonly found in; Silicone molding processesTyre wear testingConcrete wet pour/ dry applicationsSkateboard wheel testingWhy choose RS Components for Durometer? Here at RS Components we offer engineers and technicians high-quality Durometers from leading brands such as; Mitutoyo, Sauter, and RS PRO plus technical support when required to ensure you have the ideal durometer solution for your needs.