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Water Pump Pliers

Water pump pliers are a multi-purpose hand tool commonly used for turning and holding nuts and bolts, gripping irregularly shaped objects, and clamping materials. Also known as tongue-and-groove pliers, adjustable pliers, groove-joint pliers, slip joint pliers, pipe spanner, multi-grip pliers and Chanellock pliers.How they workWater pump pliers have a slip-joint with serrated jaws generally set 45 to 60-degrees from the handle. The lower jaw can be adjusted to various positions by sliding along a tracking section under the upper jaw, to create different jaw spans.What materials are they made fromWater pump pliers are typically machined from steel and the two handles precisely joined. Levers options include 1000 V ac insulated, bi-material or plastic sheathUses of Water PliersPlumbers, Electricians, Mechanics Network Engineers.