Outside Taps

Outside taps are a practical and useful valve device designed to allow easy access to water when outside. These taps are hard-wearing with a chrome, plastic or brass construction and rubber washers as they are often exposed to the elements. Outside taps are available with inch, inch and 1 inch BSP threads.Features of an outside tapDouble check valves, or double check assemblies, prevent water which could be contaminated from being drawn back into the water supply should negative water pressure be created. They consist of two spring-loaded non-return valves.A hose union is also known as a bib tap, bibcock or hose bib, and are used to isolate flow to an appliance i.e., dishwasher or washing machine.Outside tap kits contain the components necessary to connect an outside tap to an inside supply pipe without cutting off the water supply. Plumbing in a kit can make the fitting of an outdoor tap easier.Removable keys help to prevent unauthorised usage of the tap and help prevent the tap from vandalism.Wall mounting plates or wall plate elbows connect to the outside wall and help to keep the taps secured to the wall and keep the copper pipe in place.Water butt taps are made from plastic and have a simple design which is easy to fit and extremely durable.ApplicationsGarden taps are often found on the side of houses and other outbuildings. By using an outside tap connector you can connect a hose to a garden tap which enables the watering of plants in a garden or allotment. They are also found on static caravans.