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Get your office space sorted with our wide range of furniture and desk accessories. From solving health and safety needs with foot rests and back supports, through to organising supplies with storage units, magazine racks and trays – we have a wide range of products to help get your workspace in order.Our extensive range includes products from leading brands such as Bott, Casio, and Fellowes, as well as high-quality items from our own brand RS PRO.What are the types of furniture and desk accessories available?Here are some of the benefits of having a well-organised workspace, as well as advice on which products to choose:Health and safetyIt’s often said that mess equals stress, so it’s good to invest in office and desktop accessories to keep everything in order. Office chairs – need to be comfortable, adjustable and stable to support posture, as well as provide easy access to the workspace. Many desk chairs can swivel and feature wheels to increase mobility. Foot rests – help to improve circulation and blood flow by reducing pressure on legs. To top it all off, they offer more comfort, which is very welcomed if you spend a lot of time working at a desk.Back rests – provide extra support for posture and help relieve back pain by providing extra support when sitting in an upright position. Efficiency and time savingThe right equipment has a positive impact on staff wellbeing, as it increases efficiency and limits distractions.Folders, trays and boxes – having an organised desk space means all the tools for the job can be found a lot quicker, and ensures sensitive information is kept safe. We have a range of products to sort anything from stationery and paper to sticky notes and notepads. Archive and file storage boxes – available in a range of colours, our storage boxes keep documents organised and provide extra ease when transporting them. Maximise spaceImprove security, protect your sensitive information, and maximise space in your workplace with our range of products.Keyboard drawers – save workspace by moving your keyboard and mouse off the desktop and on to a dedicated drawer designed to offer more room and help you maintain good posture. Printer stands – these are portable stands for your printer. They feature wheels, so they can be easily moved around, and most models offer adjustable height settings.Magazine racks – organise books, magazines or DVDs with dedicated storage racks. Choose from free-standing or wall-mounted designs and maximise more of your office space.

  • Adhesive Hangers & Clips

    Adhesive Hangers & Clips
  • Archive Boxes

    Archive Boxes
  • Binding Combs

    Binding Combs
  • Binding Machines

    Binding Machines
  • Calculators

  • Clipboards

  • Clocks & Stopwatches

    Clocks & Stopwatches
  • Desktop Computer Mounts & Accessories

    Desktop Computer Mounts & Accessories
  • Disposable Technical Pens

    Disposable Technical Pens
  • Kettles

  • Laminating Pouches

    Laminating Pouches
  • Laminators

  • Lettering Labels

    Lettering Labels
  • Marker Pens

    Marker Pens
  • Package Strapping, Sealing & Opening

    Package Strapping, Sealing & Opening
  • Paperclips

  • Pencils

  • Plastic Wallets

    Plastic Wallets
  • Pre-Printed Adhesive & Magnetic Labels

    Pre-Printed Adhesive & Magnetic Labels
  • Reusable Adhesive Putties

    Reusable Adhesive Putties
  • Stencils


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