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Ceramic Single Layer Capacitors

Ceramic single layer capacitors are ceramic capacitors which use ceramic as the insulating material. They are similar in construction to ceramic multilayer capacitors but have only one layer of insulating material instead of multiple layers.What are ceramic single layer capacitors used for?Ceramic single layer capacitors are suitable for high frequency decoupling in switching circuits due to their inductance and series resistance.Ceramic multilayer capacitors are used when sufficient levels of capacitance need to be obtained within a single capacitor. Consequently, single layer capacitors are more limited when used as stand-alone capacitors. Multiple ceramic single layer capacitors can be used to increase the level of capacitance if this is required in a particular application.Ceramic single layer capacitors are often used for temperature compensation, coupling and decoupling, resonant circuit, bypassing, AC power supply and filter applications.Types of ceramic single layer capacitorsCeramic single layer capacitors can vary in capacitance, voltage, packaging, tolerance and mounting type, for example, from 50 V up to 40 kV, capacitance of 1 pF to 470 nF, and with radial, axial, screw and surface mountings.