Conduit & Trunking Cable

Conduit trunking cable acts as the current transmitter within a structure, and is located inside a steel or PVC enclosure called a conduit. Trunking made of galvanised steel or zinc is used around the cables for protection.What is conduit trunking cable used for?Conduit trunking cable is used as a safety measure in hazardous areas where fire, smoke, chemical gas or electrical shortages may damage equipment or machinery.In an industrial or factory setting, the cable is installed in closed systems or fixed installation circuits. It can also be connected to light fittings and used inside appliances.Types of conduit trunking cableConduit trunking cable come in various specifications, dependent on the conduit material:PVC, for where cables are installed in wet locations or undergroundEMC, for applications in building walls that require lightweight and flexible cableFlexible metal, for attic vents or water heaters requiring flexible cableIMC, for use in outdoor applications prone to impact from wind or rainRigid metal, for piping under driveways or service feeder installations