Desktop Power Supplies

A desktop power supply is a PSU (Power Supply Unit) that has been designed for small deveices such as laptops and CCTV cameras. These PSU’s connects to a mains power supply and is used to power your laptop or PC.RS Components have a great range of high-quality power supplies that are ideal as a main power source in desktop applications or as a backup power supply that you can easily pack away in your bag until you need it. Our PSU offer has various output voltages, currents, wattages, and cable lengths to meet all your requirements.How do power supplies work?PC power supply devices act as the conduit between your mains power supply and your desktop device. It facilitates the electrical interaction that gives your device power and the ability to operate.Features include:Highly efficientLong shelf lifeLED power indicators available to let you know if your device is charging or idleDifferent lead lengths availableFully enclosed plastic casingSmall, compact and neatEnergy saving properties in some power suppliesMounting types such as desktop, or wall plugs availableWhere might I use a desktop power supply?For your home PC or LaptopAt workMedical equipmentMilitary applicationsSpeakersChargerCCTV camerasLights