Round Spacers

Spacersare metal or plastic tubes designed to maintain space within a system and help ensure correct alignment of components. They can be threaded or unthreaded and are similar to standoffs, which are threaded. Round spacers (also often known as clearance spacers) are considered the standard shape, though there are also hexagonal spacers. What are round spacers used for?Spacers are integral components for a wide variety of applications and industries such as automotive, aviation and electronics. They are commonly used in PCBs. Although an unintended application, spacers can also be used to bundle small wires together in a system. What types of round spacers are there?Round spacers can differ by material, size and how they are threaded. Nylon and plastic spacers offer significant electrical insulation, chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. They are also lightweight. Metal spacers, usually made from brass, steel or stainless steel, are strong and impact resistant. They maintain electrical conductivity within a circuit.