PCB Racks

PCB (printed circuit board) racks are electronic components used to handle PCBs during the manufacturing process. They can be used for draining or drying PCBs after preparation, or for storing and transporting partly or fully assembled boards.Types of PCB racks PCB racks are available in different shapes, sizes and features to suit various sizes of PCBs. Some racks come with storage modules that can be stacked for horizontal or vertical PCB storage while others have adjustment mechanisms to allow for different PCB sizes. They are safe for use with ESD (electrostatic discharge)-safe mats and ESD-protected areas.Flat PCB holding racks can hold over 20 PCBs for transport and storage at manual workstations. These trays will also hold virtually any PCB size. L-shaped trays provide PCBs with support on two sides, which prevents the boards from moving during transportation.What are PCB racks used for? PCB racks are used in electronic production across various applications and industries, including: Aviation Telecoms Chemical Defence Electronics Semiconductors Mining