Binding Combs

Binding combs, sometimes referred to as ‘comb binding rings’ are an essential component when using a comb binding machine. The binding combs effectively act as the spine of the book for the documents that you are binding together. Binding combs are normally made from strong, durable plastic and are available in different colours.Which binding comb should you choose?When choosing comb binding rings, you should consider how many pages you wish to bind together. Binding combs are available with different diameters, and you should choose an option that allows you to easily turn the pages that have been bound. Most comb binding rings are A4 sized, but various sizes are available.Benefits of comb bindingComb binding is a relatively cheap way of binding pages together into a book format. They make documents look more professional. One advantage of comb binding is the ability to easily remove pages or add additional pages, and the binding combs can also be reused.