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Cable Trunking Accessories

Cable trunking accessories are used either as standalone devices or with cable trunking – enclosures used to protect and neatly house cables and provide space for other electrical equipment. They conceal and secure cables and protect your cables from dust or water damage. Cable trunking accessory applications Cable trunking accessories are ideal for use in the home and in commercial and industrial settings. They not only help to keep a workspace looking good by keeping cables neatly tucked away, but also ensure safety. Consequently cable trunking accessories are used in a variety of spaces, including schools, hotels and shops where cables need to be hidden from view and kept out of the way of the public. Types of cable trunking accessoriesMounting chains – used for guiding cables, fibre optics and hoses. Couplers – used for joining two lengths of trunking (a system of cables).Cutting tools – used to remove any unwanted support ribs from slotted trunking devices such as mounting chains. Switch sockets – standard light socks which are mounted on walls using screws.Skirting trunking corners – suitable for hiding domestic and light commercial cables.