Hex Spacers

Hex spacers are devices used to hold two components away from each other or one component above another on a circuit board. They’re commonly used in electronic equipment or in PCBs (printed circuit boards). How do hex spacers work?Hex spacers keep two electrical parts from touching each other, thereby preventing electrical shorts. They are hexagonal in shape so you can tighten them easily with a wrench and tend to be used with larger bolts and set screws. You can fasten your hex spacer using a spanner or socket. Hex spacers are commonly used in computer chassis, motherboards and various types of circuit boards.Hex spacers’ composition and benefitsHex spacers are generally made from CPVC – a strong plastic. They can be easily cut down to shorter lengths with a sharp knife. Hex spacers are chemical resistant and are designed to keep moisture out of your electronic device. Hex spacers come in male-female or female-female variations.