Cable Gland Kits

Cable gland kits contain all the parts necessary to fit cable glands securely onto electrical cables. A cable gland is a device that attaches and secures the end of an electrical cable to the equipment. Cable glands have to maintain the ingress protection rating of enclosures by keeping out dust and moisture. Cable gland kits allow the user to fit cable glands properly, preventing the cable from pulling out or twisting while it’s connected to the equipment. What are cable gland kits used for?Cable gland kits are used to securely attach cable glands to electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables.Types of cable gland kits Cable gland kits come in a variety of formats:Armoured kits are used for fitting glands to cables with an extra layer of protection, such as steel cables.Unarmoured kits are for cables with one or two mutually sealed conductors.Atex kits are used with cable glands in petrochemical cable fittings.Hazardous kits are for fitting cable glands onto cables in dangerous or high-risk enclosures.