Standard Logic

A Bus transceiver is a type of logic IC (integrated circuit) that has been designed for electronic information to flow between two points which in turn provides compatibility with bus systems. Available in both inverting and non-inverting configurations, Bus transceivers are also compatible with the input or output of bi-directional interface circuits.Types of Bus transceiversThere are various types of bus transceivers available such as;Quadruple inverting with 3 state outputsQuadruple non-inverting with 3 state outputsOctal non-inverting with 3 state outputs8-bit 3 state invertingOctal Inverting with tri-state outputThis type of logic IC is offered with a range of configurations such as support for different logic functions and families, offering different levels of maximum operating supply voltage, different package types and support for varied input and output functions.Applications of Bus transceiversBus transceivers are widely used in a range of applications such as;HVACRemote Monitoring and SensingData over Power ApplicationsDigital Signage