PCB Cleaning Brushes

PCB cleaning brushes are useful tools for cleaning small areas of printed circuit boards (often referred to as PCBs) and other electronic components such as battery contacts and fixings. These brushes are designed in a range of bristle materials which are all suitable for cleaning and texturing soft metals, depending on the requirement of the task.How do PCB cleaning brushes work?PCB cleaning brushes are compact in size because of the task they are designed for. They are designed with different bristle materials including fibreglass, brass and natural bristle which are suited to different PCB cleaning applications. Some have been designed to allow the brush to be moved in or out of the holder by rotating the end knob, ensuring it stays clean when not in use. Additionally, there is the option to purchase refills to replace the old brushes.What are PCB cleaning brushes used for?PCB cleaning brushes are primarily used to clean scrub small areas on engineering components, connectors and PCB tracks. They can also be used to clean, repair or rework corroded electrical contacts and to remove paint and varnish on small objects or soldering iron tips. PCB cleaning brushes can also be used to prepare copper tracks for soldering.