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The keys to achieving high quality audio reproduction are solid, high quality components from reputable manufacturers, and ensuring you install the appropriate type of speakers in the best configuration for your environment. Our choice of speakers and audio components is supplied by respected brands like Visaton, RS Pro, Wharfedale, Bogen, E2S and Wavemaster. What are the main differences between speaker types?Cabinet speakers can be wall-mounted or freestanding, and tend to have a sturdy, box-type profile that can either be ‘furniture-quality’ or of a more robust/industrial design. They come in a wide range of wattage ratings, and are often ideally suited to outputting background music or speech across smaller, more contained areas.Ceiling speakers are physically fitted (usually recessed/flush mounted) into the ceiling itself, allowing you to maximise usable floor area and hide any untidy wiring in cavity spaces. They can be fitted to almost any home or workplace environment, with certain models specifically designed for use under outdoor eaves, or in damp/humid environments like bathrooms and saunas.Hanging speakers also help maximise floor space, but tend to be much easier to install via brackets that require minimal work on existing walls and ceilings. Larger or more heavy-duty versions can also be attached to rigging and stanchions for covering wider areas.Portable speakers for speech and music are an ideal solution when you need quick and easy transfer between sites, and often boast a higher IP rating for better protection against moisture and dust in a range of environments.We also stock replacement speaker drivers in a range of shapes, sizes and frequency types, including subwoofers, woofers and tweeters. As with our numerous speaker grilles in both soft and hard materials (for lasting impact protection and ingress resistance), they’re ideal for use in:Wireless speaker systemsTV and home theatre setupsHi-Fi systems and sound barsPA and intercom systemsHeadphones, headsets and telephonesWhether you’re looking to install a ceiling-mounted music/intercom network for home, school or office use, or a full horn-based public address system for larger auditoriums and stadia, you’ll find a selection of robust and reliable components in stock here.

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