Soldering & Welding Tools

At RS Components, Europe’s leading distributor of Soldering components and other industrial and electronic parts, we’re proud of our product range which boast thousands of high quality Soldering and other products from 2,500 suppliers. We’re the best in the business and offer our customers the highest in quality and customer service – 1.6 million customers can’t be wrong. Those customers who hold business accounts can benefit from our free next day delivery service, for any of our Soldering products that are in-stock when ordering. Our RS seal of approval on all of our Soldering and other Tools and Tool Storage products means that we are entirely certain that each and every item we sell is of the highest standard. But to make sure you are confident in your Soldering purchase too, we have technical profiles and images of our items so you know exactly what it is you’re buying. If you need clarification on any aspect of your order we can offer online technical support.

  • Arc Welder Accessories

    Arc Welder Accessories
  • Desoldering Guns, Nozzles & Pumps

    Desoldering Guns, Nozzles & Pumps
  • Gas Blow Torches

    Gas Blow Torches
  • Gas Welding Torches & Accessories

    Gas Welding Torches & Accessories
  • Hand Spot Welders

    Hand Spot Welders
  • MIG Welder Accessories

    MIG Welder Accessories
  • Plain Washers

    Plain Washers
  • Plasma Cutters

    Plasma Cutters
  • Solder Fluxes

    Solder Fluxes
  • Solder Fume Extractors

    Solder Fume Extractors
  • Solder Masks

    Solder Masks
  • Solder Pastes

    Solder Pastes
  • Soldering Accessories

    Soldering Accessories
  • Soldering Irons

    Soldering Irons
  • Soldering Station Accessories

    Soldering Station Accessories
  • Soldering Stations

    Soldering Stations
  • Solders

  • Welding Accessories

    Welding Accessories
  • Welding Curtains & Screens

    Welding Curtains & Screens
  • Welding Regulators

    Welding Regulators
  • Welding Rods & Brazing Rods

    Welding Rods & Brazing Rods

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