Load Cells

A strain gauge is a type of sensor which measures the strain and force on an item, the resistance is varied depending on the applied force. The gauge sticks to an item as it deforms the electrical resistance changes, this particular change can also be known as the ‘gauge factor’. You can learn more in our complete guide to strain gauges.Here at RS, we provide an exclusive range of strain gauges for our customers that offer excellent reliability to their low sensitivity to excessive noise and vibration, giving a clearer reading.How do Strain Gauges work?Strain Gauges are able to measure the strain or force of an item by uniquely converting either force, pressure, tension, weight, etc… into a change in electrical resistance which then can be measured.There are many different varieties of strain gauges, the most popular are listed below:General Purpose Precision Strain GaugesTransducer Quality Strain GaugesKarma Strain GaugesBonded Foil Strain GaugesFeatures and BenefitsCan be used on various products, such as keypads, medical devices and automotive products,Affixed to an object with epoxy or glue,Suitable for long-term installationEasy to install and often waterproof too