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Hazardous Area Power Connectors

Hazardous area power connectors are designed to allow fast connection in specifically hazardous environments. They’re available in a range of formats, including plugs, sockets and couplers. What do hazardous area power connectors do?Hazardous area power connectors allow fast and convenient power connection in extreme conditions such as dusty, damp or gas-prone environments. They’re built in robust materials able to withstand the demands of outdoor use. All fixings and screws supplied are manufactured from stainless steel for chemical resistance and durability.Types of hazardous area power connectors?Hazardous area plugs, sockets and couplers are designed to match the different power connections found across industry. They’re most commonly resistant to fire, chemicals and high impact. Some typical connectors include socket devices that allow plug disconnection under load, or surface mount switched interlock outlet sockets. These switched sockets are for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. They’re constructed from strong polyester reinforced with glass fibre that offers superior resistance against damage and impact.