Girder Suspension Clips & Hangers

Girder suspension clips are girder fixingcomponents used to suspend items and objects from upright or flat structures. These clips are designed for either horizontally flanged or vertically flanged surfaces. What are girder suspension clips used for?These clips have many uses: Items can be directly suspended or hung from these clips, which eliminates the need for drilling and welding. The clips can be used to hang netting materials from I-Beams and steel columns typically used in the building and construction industries. In the industrial sector, they are used to suspend equipment from steel beams or columns with chains or wire hangers. These clips can also be used to hang light-weight items from ceilings or to support curtain railings that cannot be fixed onto walls directly. They are often used to support cables and wires and keep them securely fastened onto ledges and mantels. Types of girder suspension clipsGirder suspension clips can either be bolted onto surfaces with screws and nuts or be attached with latching (clamping) mechanisms. These clips have different weight bearing capacities and flange diameters.