Pneumatic Profile Cylinders

Pneumatic profile cylinders are commonly referred to as an Air cylinder, they provide motion and force to industrial and automation applications. Our range of Pneumatic cylinders create linear motion using a collection of pistons.In contrast to a standard Single-acting Pneumatic cylinder, a Double-acting Pneumatic cylinder uses the output force in both forward and backward motion. This is done through the use of both the air exhaust and air pressure valves, these valves use compressed air to push the piston road in both directions.What are double acting cylinders used for?Double-acting Pneumatic profile cylinders are typically required when the force or stroke length is greater than that of a Single-acting cylinder. Industrial uses for Pneumatic profile cylinders can be pushes and presses, robotics, forklifts, jacks, automobiles and aeroplane landing gear.How Pneumatic cylinders work?Pneumatic cylinders offer fast movement of the pistons using air compression, enabling application to small scale operations. On the other hand, hydraulic cylinders offer a smoother transition, but are usually applied on larger scales. This is due to the hydraulic oil in the cylinders requiring more energy to create the force.Features of Air cylindersOur range features VDMA and ISO standard Pneumatic profile cylindersVariety of cushioning types including Air, Cushioned and Rubber