What is a tarpaulin?Tarpaulins, or Tarps, are large sheets of strong flexible woven material used to cover and protect an object or structure from the wind, rain, sun and snow. Tarpaulins have pre-punched eyelets at set intervals along the reinforced edges. These eyelets are used to attach ropes or elastic bungee cords through to provide a secure anchoring point to fix the sheet down.Applications & UsesTarpaulins can be used in almost any application or environment when a temporary protection, cover or shelter is required. Construction – Covering building materials or as a shelter for open building work and masonry repairs. Agriculture – Covering hay and straw stacks in fields and farmyardsTransportation – Covering materials and goods in the back of open or flatbed trucks to protect from weather or to secure loose parts from moving. Camping – Used as either a ground sheet or top covering against the elements, a waterproof tarpaulin can help to protect you and your equipment.TypesTarpaulins come in a wide range of sizes and materials. Sizes are specified in meter or half meter measurements. Material selection depends on any specific application or environment, the most common material choice being plastic (Polyethylene) or cloths (Cotton, Canvas or Coated Polyester).