Convex Mirrors

Our safety and surveillance mirrors have been designed to help improve the security of areas of an indoor or outdoor space. RS Components stocks a variety of mirrors to help with security, surveillance and increased visibility.Types of MirrorsThe majority of mirrors that we supply are for safety and security, including:The dome shaped mirrors which, are also known as “convex” are designed to reflect a wider angle view of an area and exposing more of a view for those viewing the mirror. They are usually fixed to a wall, at an angle with the appropriate bracket. These are available in circular convex, full dome convex, half dome convex, quarter dome and rectangular shape. These type of safety mirrors are often put in places where a person needs to see around a corner, or to view a difficult or blind spot.Rectangular Outdoor Safety mirrors are typically shatterproof, waterproof and are generally quite robust. They can be mounted to a wall or surface with a security bolt.Where can I use a Safety or Surveillance Mirror?Mirrors can be used in road safety applications, to help those in traffic or driving to see around tight corners, to reverse out of small hidden spaces and for parking.Shop security is of paramount to shop owners, it’s important to be protective of your belongings. Through fixing a convex shaped mirror in a shop, those that work there will be able to see customers browsing the isles or corridors. This is an easy solution to reduce or prevent theft.Our range of mirrors are available in a variety of materials. We supply metal mirrors, mild steel mirrors, PC mirrors, acrylic mirrors, plastic mirrors, glass mirrors and stainless steel mirrors. These are suitable to use with an outdoor safety mirror and an indoor safety mirror. Most of our mirrors have been engineered to withstand extreme conditions without compromising the reflective properties.How do I look after a Mirror?Safety and surveillance mirrors require little to no maintenance but it would be in the best interest of those viewing the mirror that it had the occasional wipe or clean. Ensure that when you are fixing your mirror that it is secure and mounted with the correct fittings and screws, this will allow for a reliable surveillance, safety and security of the area it is installed to monitor.